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The Council consists of Baroness Ezri Silverthorn along with former Baroness Glenduria Manyave and some other ones I can’t remember. In addition to protecting these rare and beautiful beings, the elves wish to protect the Spirit Tree. It is rumored that this tree is the keystone of the Forest and that all its inhabitants benefit from its health. The elves jealously guard this wonder, preventing all from viewing its splendor, fearing that if non-elves are exposed to it, it might become polluted or corrupted. In any case, the Amani Council exists primarily to maintain the tree and protect the denizens of the Forest.

Ash Forest, the smallest of the Baronies, is inhabited mainly by elves with a scattering amount of humans and hoblings around the edges of the forest. Other races can be found in small numbers.

When traveling in the Ash Forest, you should always remember that you are a guest. The elves keep an eye in some fashion or another on all visitors so it is important to respect the forest and mind one’s matters at all times. The Amani Council is very strict about preserving the forest, and many would-be troublemakers have found themselves escorted to the border by a group of Amani Rangers in a less than gentle manner. Mind your manners.

The Central Path is a creation of the Amani Council to allow nonforest residents to travel through the forest in small numbers. This path winds its way from the Barony of Nordenn through the forest, to the Ducal Fiefs into Ashbury city. Along this central path dozens of makeshift trade stations have sprung up, as wells as more than a few small taverns and inns. The Amani Rangers reserve the right to restrict or bar someone from traveling on the Central Path, and there are dire repercussions for those who stray from the Central Path.

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