Baroness Ezri Silverthorn

Baroness of the Ash Forest


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Born in Kiri Ashton. Squired to Baron Roriiathanderhil Colaenlothrodarhil. Knighted by Sir Nevin Kendrick. Married toBaron Ulthoc Crownsmith of Nordenn.

Member of the Amani Council


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Last Will and Testament
Dame Ezri Silverthorn Telnasse

In the event of my final death, I ask that my friends please honor my final wishes, listed herein.

I ask that my body be returned to the Ash Forest, to rejoin the Spirit Tree, and my family in Kiri-Ashton notified – my brother Mirador, my mother Avella, and my father Orophin.

My knight’s coat is to be returned to Baron Roriiathanderhil, and my belt to Sir Nevin Kendrick. Any permanently enchanted items, my ritual scrolls and other ritual components are also to be returned to the Court of the Ash Forest, to be distributed as His Excellency sees fit, except the items specifically mentioned below.

Specifically, I leave the following:

To Sir Ulthoc, my silver ring. I’m just as stubborn as you are – this will heal you, even when I am gone. Don’t be in any rush to join me. I have all the time in the world. I will wait.

To Aislynn… we did not always see eye to eye, but we always protected each other. The bug sculpture is for you, since I will not be there to catch you any longer.

To Mouse: you helped me believe in myself, and shield me from my own doubts. The gold and white triangle earring is for you. May it shield you when I cannot.

To whomever touched it first, you are now the proud owner of my sword, Moreg. May many undead fall at your hand. In the event that there were no vultures to take it away, I wish for it to go to the Amani Ranger, Drak, or to Mouse.

And to Sornelintion, who lifted a burden from me so great, I cannot begin to express it. To you I leave my Arcane armor. May it give you strength.

To Rorii, my liege, my friend, and brother – I can only hope I served you and our people as well as you expected of me.

There are so many among you who have shown me great kindness over the years. I thank you for making this life, though short, quite sweet indeed.


Baroness Ezri Silverthorn

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